About our products

At “Little Garden Foods”, we believe healthy food should be without preservatives and artificial additives, that’s how we prepare our dressings, as natural as it is. We have a passion when preparing our dressings, small batches and allergy conscious. Planned to be used for any salad or marinating (meat, poultry, fish), flavor soup or rice, use our dressings to make spreads or dips. In 350 ml glass bottles, proudly manufactured in Canada.

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You will discover unique new products that are hard to find in your local grocery store and markets.

Established by Ara Tanak, he has more than 40 years of experience in food preparation and serving. Started his training in Geneva, Switzerland. Working his way to perfection in notable 1st class cruise ships sharpening his knowledge with many high-level chefs.

If you are satisfied with our products, please share your experience with us. If you are not satisfied, drop us a line and tell how we can improve.

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We shall share information about existing and new products, new ideas and preparation methods and recipes.


 We ship via Canada Post to all Canadian destinations.